Carolyn Clayton: Object Afterlife

04.28.2018 - 05.05.2108

Open Daily 4-6pm

Do you have objects in your possession that you no longer want but can’t bring yourself to throw away? OBJECT AFTERLIFE offers an innovative and guilt-free solution. We are an object processing service for objects that are stuck in limbo between possession and trash. Using advanced blender technology we free your object from the form it is stuck in. Release your unwanted, burdensome, space-consuming or useless thing from your possession and we will release it from its purgatory state.

OBJECT AFTERLIFE is a project of North Adam’s artist Carolyn Clayton. Her work seeks to cultivate an enhanced awareness of our shared lives with things. She is interested in the traces that humans leave on material objects. This has positioned her to ask whether object history is retained in the fragments of everyday things, which she explores by interacting with, collecting, photographing, pulverizing and reassembling second-hand objects.