Tim Brown

My approach to sculpture is very painterly, in that I prefer additive approaches and like the results of an effort to look immediate and not belabored, even if the result took time and effort to produce.  Many times, my material studies have everything to do with finding the best result in a quickest amount of time, with a healthy dose of MacGuyverism done by necessity and sometimes for humorous effect. I’m taking this all very seriously, however, and hope that the work contains in it some room for contemplation, and a cool darkness that we can use to hide away for a moment and contemplate things not endemic to our waking life.

Selected Exhibitions

Now That's A Conspiracy, with Justin Beachler, Granite City Arts, East St. Louis, MO. Nov 2016

Urban:Suburban, Epsten Gallery, Kansas City, MO, September 2014.

with Okay Mountain Collective

Staycation, Mark Moore Gallery, Los Angeles, CA, Sept 2015

Monument to a Decommisioned Monument, Isles Art Initiative, Boston, MA, July 2015

Long Plays, Mark Moore Gallery, Los Angeles, CA, Feb 2013